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Whitney Marie Anderson

Surprise Charm Box

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I've been dreaming up a way to consistently create without the monotony of making the same thing over and over. The idea of a surprise box came to mind. If you like surprises then this is for you! These items are exclusively available within the box. Just select your level and brace for your surprise!

 Level One:

  • One set of 5 charms 

Level Two:

  • One set of 5 charms
  • Handmade Pouch 6x9” with zipper (fabric designed by me)

There will be an additional surprise in each of the first 10 boxes ordered. All charms will have a lever back hook so they can be used as charms, earrings, or stitch markers.

Approximately 1”-1.25” and lightweight. Made with polymer clay, coated with resin.

Your shipment will go out on May 16th.




Episode 14

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