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Whitney Marie Anderson

subURBAN Doll | Amigurumi Pattern

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The inspiration for the doll samples and the design are the kids of the suburbs. More specifically, the Black kids of the suburbs. The ones that grew up somewhere between the city and the country. The ones that did not see themselves represented in movies or on tv, except as the “Black best friend” trope (read: Dionne from Clueless and AJ from Fairly OddParents).

I was a Black kid that grew up in the suburbs, and I’m raising my kids in the suburbs. There are a lot of ways I wished and to see myself represented. This adorable design is one step of many on my path to bring those desires to fruition.

subURBAN Doll is a genderless amigurumi with built in clothes, attached hat, and latch-hooked hair. Customize your doll’s sweater with embroidery or a felt design or leave it blank for a minimalist look.


Episode 14

Check out my YouTube podcast, episode 14. I talk about my finished objects, current projects, and more!