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Printable Acrylic Care Labels

Whitney Marie Anderson

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Printable Acrylic Care Labels
Printable Acrylic Care Labels
Printable Acrylic Care Labels

The labels in the images are an example of care labels before folding, and after sewing to brand labels. The last image is a screenshot of the PDF file.

Instructions for Printing

  1. Print the page onto printer fabric. I use “June Tailor Sew-in Colorfast Fabric Sheets.”
  2. Follow the directions to lock in the ink. (Typically, they suggest that you iron the fabric to heat set the ink.)
  3. Use a sliding cutter or paper trimmer to cut the tags. Each tag will have about ¼” of empty space around to allow space for sewing. (You can use scissors, just create straight cutting lines with a ruler and a pencil first)
  4. Peel to remove the paper from the fabric
  5. Fold the care label (if you chose to add the “See Care on Reverse” line) and sew it to your brand label.