Works in Progress Update!

Whitney Anderson

It's WIP Wednesday!!

A lot has changed in the last 2 months and I figured that now is a good time to post an update. Little miss Renee Lily is doing great and she has grown so much! She is still in the NICU but it won't be much longer before we get to take her home. So far she has almost tripled her birth weight, and is now 4 pounds and 12 oz. Renee is my most important and most beautiful work-in-progress. See pics below.

Now on to my other WIP's. I am currently working on a sweater for myself. It's been pretty cold lately! I am using “I Love This Yarn!” brand yarn which can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. I chose the color terracotta. I am using size 13 needles for the brioche ribbing and size 17 needles for the rest of the sweater. I incorporated brioche knit, braided cables, and double seed stitch. I only have time to work on it when I am sitting down and pumping milk for Renee, so this sweater will be a visual representation of some of the time I spend pumping.

Lastly, upcoming projects! I am still in the design phase for several baby knit items. I am also designing new progress markers. Here is a pic of the last ones. I will resume clay crafting after we bring Renee home and get settled into our new routine.

That’s it for now!! I will pop back in and update again when I can.

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  • I absolutely love how strong baby Reneé has been growing! She is such a doll! Honestly, just loving how you find the time to continue pursuing your passion and love for crochet + art, all whilst raising a beautiful tribe. Definitely keeps me inspired! ♥️


  • So happy to see you both thriving. Lovely blog.


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