What’s Next for Whitney?

Whitney Anderson

After 7 long weeks, my much-anticipated store update has finally happened! On July 4th, I updated my stock of stitch marker charms and a few jewelry items. Certain styles are already sold out and I am floored by the outpouring of love I’ve received! I am so thankful for my online community of support, and all of the friendships I’m fostering as I craft my way through life!

Now that my store update has come to pass, you may be curious about what I’ve got planned. Truth is, I have a lot of project plans, but nothing set in stone as far as dates go. Between my busy life, the pandemic, and my country’s ever-growing social justice revolution against racism, making crafting plans these days just feels silly. My most recent store update was originally planned for June 1st and after about 5 date adjustments, it didn’t happen until July 4th. Rather than set dates for my upcoming projects, I did manage to make a prioritized list for how I would like to complete them. That’s the part I can confidently share about!

Whit’s Upcoming Things: 

  1. 2-3 Weekly Blog Posts
  2. DK Mini Doll Patterns
  3. Stay Home Doll Patterns
  4. Stitch Marker Charms in August

DK Mini Doll (left), and Stay Home Doll (right).

I look forward to sharing blogs more often, as well as knocking out these patterns! There will continue to be ongoing personal projects that I will occasionally share about. Lastly, I've been considering what it would take to open up the opportunity for custom and preorder charms! Stay tuned for all that is to come!

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