Tips for a Flexible Creative Process!

Whitney Anderson

I get asked about my creative process often. If I had to describe my process in two words, it would be “follow through.” Today I want to talk about what following through means for me in this season, and also, what it doesn’t mean.

In order to follow through, my creative process has 3 parts: idea, plan, and create. The process is not always smooth, nor is it linear. I tend to “go with the flow” to create my best work, but even that requires some preparation.

Almost every time, the idea happens first, and sometimes it's followed immediately by creating. Creating may get interrupted by new ideas. So, in a sense, this process is cyclical. I created this wordart to help for people who are more visual.


If you struggle with building your own work flow or creative process, here are some tips for each part of my process:


  • Search online for inspiration
  • Brainstorm
  • Gather ideas in one place


  • Research! Aim to answer these questions:
    • Has this been done before?
    • If so, are there articles or blogs with tips for this kind of project?
    • What materials are needed?
    • How much of each material is needed?
  • Set small goals that lead up to completion of the project
  • If it will help, draw/write a plan for the steps you will need to take


  • Get started on your project!
  • Take notes along the way (this will help you if you decide to duplicate this project in the future)
  • Take pictures along the way (share on social media for accountability, and/or to share your process)

Following through doesn’t automatically mean that every idea is possible, or every project must be finished. Sometimes ideas don’t work out as planned and the whole project needs to be scrapped. When this happens, I either go back to the drawing board and try to plan a new way to make it possible— or I give it up, repurpose the materials, and move on to my next idea. We are usually taught NOT to give up, and not to quit. I don’t subscribe to that mentality, especially with creativity. What I do subscribe to is following through. I believe we should pour our energy into projects that have purpose, inspire us, challenge us, and/or teach us new techniques. I don’t believe in forcing things to work. I simply aim to give each idea a fair chance at becoming a creation.

I hope this post helps you in your creative processes!


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