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My Spring Crafting Schedule

Whitney Anderson

Frequently, I get asked about my schedule, so I figured a blog about it would be nice. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I wear many hats. I am not a full-time artist/designer, but it is a big part of my life. Because I am not able to put full-time hours into my business, I schedule my crafting time around everything else I do. I’m a self-titled “Polycrafter” and I have a rotation of sorts so that I can work through each of my creative outlets. Right now, I am working on my Mini Crochet Doll. I just released a pattern for making the hair. I released the Mini Crochet Doll Base pattern, but I had to pull it back for an edit on the wire-support installation. The Mini Crochet Doll Base pattern will be rereleased next week. Which brings me to my schedule. This is my ideal schedule that I will try my best to follow. If any changes arise, I will edit to update this blog.

Feb 20, 2020: Updated Mini Doll Base Pattern Release
Feb 29, 2020: Mini Doll “Spring Outfit” Multi-item Pattern Release (top, pants, shoes + one bonus accessory)
Mar 7, 2020: New clay charms will be added to the website.
Mar 18, 2020: More clay charms will be added to the website.
March 19, 2020: First day of Spring! “These are a Few of My Favorite Things” Spring Giveaway!
April 2020: New Crochet Doll Pattern Bundle!!

That’s it for now! I try not to plan too far into the future with my crafts because, well.. life! I hope that I can achieve each of these goals by the dates I have laid out. If not, I’m not stressing. I’m trying to keep the joy in crafting, so I’m not going to pressure myself to produce. This schedule just serves as a guide to keep some type of organization to what would otherwise be pretty erratic.

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