Mini Crochet Doll Base - Pattern Release!

Whitney Anderson

I’m so happy to have published this doll design! I originally started out with a full-sized doll, but I got the idea to make a mini version that works up faster. The mini version stands at about 5” tall. The full-sized doll stands at about 9.5 inches tall, and that design will be released at a later date.

The pattern for the mini doll is 9 pages long. This is just for the doll base; hair, clothes, and accessories will be released separately. The mini doll pattern has been proof-read, edited and tested. Within the pattern there are detailed instructions for each step to create this doll. I have also spent over 80 working hours shooting end editing 5 videos to accompany this pattern. The videos can be found on my YouTube channel.

How to get the pattern: I do use Ravelry from time to time, however, I have decided not to upload this pattern to Ravelry, or any other website for that matter. This pattern is exclusively available for purchase here on my website.

If you decide to purchase the pattern and make this doll, I want to thank you for supporting my artwork! I would love to see your version of my doll, as they all come out with little splashes of individuality. Please send me progress pics and finished object pics! You can tag me on social media or send pictures to me directly via email.

Instagram: @whitneymarieanderson

Twitter: @whitneymarieand




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