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There are officially 60 days left in 2019! When each year gets close to an end, I start thinking about resolutions for the next year, what I've learned, and what I'd like to learn. This year I can't help but lament over the fact that in the new year, I'd probably still be working on old projects. So I decided to start a challenge to finish the year off properly! I know there are others out there like myself, so let's make it official! Let's spend the next 60 days organizing/finishing/eliminating all of our current works-in-progress (or WIPs).

How will we do it?! I will start by saying that WIPs are not all bad. They do have their place! For example, if you like to work on a variety of projects at once so you don't get bored. Another example is having projects with different yarn weights or different mediums so that your hands don't tire from repetition. The problem comes when you stop a project for a different reason, and it just sits, and collects dust. Maybe you made a mistake, or you ran out of yarn, or you got distracted by a new pattern release, or you're finding a pattern too difficult to follow... so you put the project down and started another. There are tons of reasons to pause a project, but what's your reason for leaving it to the moths? Before starting this challenge I want you to ask yourself "Am I ok with the amount of WIPs I currently have?" If the answer is yes, then rock on and do your thing! If the answer is no, join me on this challenge!! 

Using scratch paper, or print to use the table provided below:

  1. Make a WIP inventory. Write down each WIP.
  2. Write the reason you've stopped working on each one in the next column. 
  3. In the last column, write down if you wish to keep or frog the project.
  4. Frog the projects that you have decided are a lost cause, and cross them off the list. You can use the yarn/supplies for something else in the future!
  5. Get started on knocking out those lovely WIPs, and try your best not to add new WIPs to the list! 
  6. Post progress and completion pics on social media using the hashtag #finishthewips (tag me if you would like me to see your posts!) @whitneymarieanderson on IG @whitneymarieand on Twitter
  7. Encourage others to join the challenge!!




I put 10 spaces in the WIPs table. If you need more space... you definitely need this challenge, lol! If you have too many WIPs to finish within 60 days, that's ok!!! Extend the challenge to suit your needs. You know your schedule best, and you don't want to burn yourself out trying to meet an unreasonable deadline. You can still benefit from the organization tips within this challenge. 

Lastly, please have fun with this! This is meant to lower the amount of pending projects, that may be causing you to stress out. You can pat yourself on the back with the completion of each project. You can start the new year with a fresh slate!! 

*This challenge is geared toward fiber arts such as knitting and crocheting, but this can be applied to many other forms of arts and crafts like sewing, sculpting, painting and more!

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