Apprehensively Welcoming the New Year

Whitney Anderson

Hey friends!!

I normally select a word, words, or phrase of the year to set a unified intention for all the things I will be involved in. Based on lessons I’ve learned and my experiences, I pick something that will guide and inspire me. Last year was “follow through” & it really helped me narrow my focus, be realistic about my goals, and see things thru to the end. Yes, 2020 made it difficult and at times impossible to follow through on some things—but I got so much done last year.

I’d been struggling to pick a word or phrase for this year. I also didn’t set many new goals, skipped the vision board, & didn’t write down specifics like I usually do in preparation for a new year. After the trauma that was 2020, I decided to heck with all that, what’s the point in planning... right?

Wrong!! Planning is literally “my thing!” It’s been a constant my entire adult life. I collect journals, I’m not picky with planners, I AM picky with pen brands (if I can’t use my faves I’d rather use a pencil). Thinking about all this sparked my journaling bug and I got to brainstorming.


I came up with the words EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, & EMBRACE. I didn’t mean for them all to be E words but I pulled them from this sentence in my journal. “Explore new things, experience the depths of life, and embrace each fleeting moment.”

I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know this: we must explore to gain experience, and we must embrace the experiences we are afforded— even if they don’t fit within our expectations. I hope this post helped you if you were also struggling to start this year off on the right foot. 

Thank you so much for reading!!


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  • I love all of your adaptability with your intentions!


  • Seems like you have it figured out! Great post! You are truly an inspiration.


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