All about the Emonuggets

All about the Emonuggets

As I step into my role of figurine sculpting, I wanted to start out with something meaningful. Emonuggets were inspired by my passion for encouraging my children to feel what they feel. So much of this world teaches us to suppress our emotions, beginning from childhood, well into adulthood. I am no expert, but I do know that emotions are meant to be felt-whatever they may be. In the age of toxic positivity, we must fight against the suppression of emotions and feelings. 

Plutchik’s wheel of emotion

Using Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, I created 8 little sculptures to represent the 8 deepest emotions: ecstasy, admiration, amazement, terror, grief, vigilance, rage, and loathing

These nugget-shaped sculptures are about 1.5” tall and sit upright without assistance (with the exception of grief which is meant to lay flat). The intention is for these sculptures to serve as physical reminders that your emotions are meant to be experienced. Not just the ones associated with positivity. You can get them Individually or as a set, and group or pair them up. Emonuggets can encourage you to identify the emotions you feel, and identifying emotions is a big step toward processing them.

So, which Emonugget(s) will you get?


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