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Slow Down, Live Intentionally

Whitney Anderson

My most frequently asked question is, “how do you get stuff done?” My answer is usually that I don’t know— but I think my new answer will be “slowly.” It works for me. Yes, there are times that I wish I could get more things done. However, in order to do so, I would need to rush and possibly even cut corners. That just doesn’t sit right with me. I think in terms of quality over quantity in all aspects of life.

Much of adult life and mom life feels rushed. I liken it to being hurled out of a cannon daily! It’s a byproduct of the society we live in. Get to know me, and you’ll find I blame everything on capitalism (rightfully so). It’s why most of us feel like our babies grow up so fast, and our twenties fly by. Crafting doesn’t take up much of my daily life, but the time I do spend crafting is usually pretty impactful, as I move with intention.

For the love of intentionality, I’m embracing the slow. I’m rejecting the things that push me to go faster than I can handle. I’m embracing the things that allow me to live intentionally.


Just some things to think about, as we adjust our lives to navigate through the uncertainty of the pandemic, along with the ongoing fight for restructuring and justice.







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