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Finding my Artistic Style

Whitney Anderson

To piggyback on my blog about adding value to my life, I’ve been reading and I’ve been drawing! (A little bit).

I’ve been struggling to find my artistic style within the realm of digital art. Typically finding a style can take a long time, and hard work. Months, years, even decades! But for me, this hasn’t been true with any other art form I’ve touched. Plus, I don’t have time to sit around drawing, these days. Although I am gaining a skill that I can eventually profit from, it’s hard to justify drawing time when there are so many other things to do. I allow myself 30 min or so like once or twice a week.

It’s been really hard for me to draw without feeling the nagging lack of unity within my pieces. Even though “it’s just practice” I still wanted to feel connected to my art. My desire for an art style was hanging over my head each time I looked at my iPad. I’ve even felt discouraged at times from creating art because it felt aimless!!

I watched videos that promised to teach newbs how to find their style. I read articles. I didn’t even attempt the methods they suggested because I simply didn’t feel like they’d help. Ultimately it was cheat (by copying others) or do the long hard work of developing.

Rather than try those methods—I sat down last night and wrote down three attributes that I want in my art, specifically when drawing people.

  1. No outlines (or minimal outlines)
  2. Shaped face
  3. Use of shadows

I spent ten minutes drawing and just let my imagination lead the way. Using colors from the signature palettes I created, I came up with this!

Next, I fixed up the eyes by removing the outlines and making them a bit bigger. And I added filled-in lips.

Lastly, I created a closed-eyes version so I could animate! Because I just love simple animations. If you’re interested in learning animation basics on procreate, I learned from Bardot Brush on YouTube!

My next plan is to focus on fine-tuning this style. Different eye shapes, expressions, angles, various genders, etc. This is the part that can take quite some time, but I’m ok with this. Now that I have direction, I’m excited about continuing the journey!

- Whit 💛 

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