We're Black in the Clay!

We're Black in the Clay!

Welcome to my new blog segment titled Black in the Clay! I wanted to curate a space that would highlight Black people that work (or play) in the clay industry. Like many other industries, it is pretty tough to find melanated hands in the sea of images and videos online. My mission is to make it easier for us to find each other, and for others to find us! I know we're out there, & we've been out there since the beginning!

A bit of my design background.

I've been a fiber artist since childhood. With most of my experience being in crochet and knit, I will primarily focus on those crafts. I first sculpted with clay as a child, and fell in love instantly! It wasn't until 2019, when my fiber arts business needed a refresh, that I dove deep into clay sculpting. I began making little charms from polymer clay. I ended up using them as stitch markers and progress keepers.

Plans for Black in the Clay

Initially, I would love to create a community via Instagram along with this blog. I will begin with searching for Black clay artists, and with their permission, I'll repost their images. Beginning in October, and monthly thereafter, I will highlight one to two Black owned clay based businesses here on this blog, on the Black in the Clay Instagram, on Pinterest, as well as my main Instagram account.

How to get involved

If you are a Black clay artist (hobby or professional) please do not hesitate to connect with me! This is a For Us, By Us situation and I mean that!

If you are not a Black clay artist, I encourage you to join the community and contribute by engaging with the accounts that are highlighted. You may find posts you'd like to share, stores you want to browse/shop, and connections you'd like to make. If you know of a Black clay artist you can also send me their IG handle. As always, keep in mind that being kind and respectful is a priority!

The best way to reach me regarding Black in the Clay is a dm to the IG account, or email me at info@whitneymarieanderson.com with "Black in the Clay" in the subject line.


Thank you so much for reading!



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